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Donate Car San Diego

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Car Donation In San Diego

If you’re looking to donate a car in the city of San Diego, most quickly find that there are a lot of companies to choose from. While any company is more than willing to take your car off your hands, it’s important to know how to choose the best one for the maximum benefit.

How to Donate a Car in San Diego

Most that donate a car in San Diego will often find that it’s best to drive your car directly to the charity. This way will not only save the charity money for not having to move it, but some charities out there often charge a towing fee. All results are going to vary. When you do find a charity, they will give you a receipt upon the drop off with any information that you have to pass onto the IRS.

Choosing a Car Donation Charity

Don’t just settle for the first car donation company that you see in San Diego. Instead, be sure to do your homework. There are a lot of fly by night companies out there that can just take your money and run. When it comes tax time, your deduction could be invalid because the company doesn’t exist anymore. Also, make sure that you know how much of your car donation is going to go to that charitable cause. The reason why is because you may soon find out that some companies may keep a lot for themselves.
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San Diego Car Donation Companies to Consider

KPBS Organization: KPBS is a public broadcasting company that is located in the heart of San Diego. If you want to donate a car to their organization, all they ask is that you provide them is a signed, clear title. They offer a free pickup service with a tow truck and will come directly to your doorstep at no charge. Donating a car to KPBS can help local entertainment and educational programs.

Make A Wish San Diego Chapter: Make A Wish has been helping children with life threatening illnesses. Serving the San Diego area since the early 1980s, your car will help these children get to and from doctor’s appointments and more. They can pick up a car for free or if you wish, you can drop off your car at a location near you.

Habitat for Humanity: The Habitat for Humanity has been providing desperate families with homes for years. While the company does focus on building homes, they also are desperately in need for your donated car. These donated cars help families in need get to and from their newly built home. All they ask is that you sign over the title and set up a free pickup date.

The Benefits of Donating a Car

Any car that is under the value of $500 can claim this deduction on their tax return. All you’ll need is the receipt from an accredited charity with a fair market value price. If the car value is over $500, the actual deduction can be the gross sale of the car. When the car sells, the charity will provide you with a 1098-C form with the final sale price.

When you donate a car in San Diego, you’ll find that most organization are privately owned. When choosing one, just make sure that you do your homework before sending your car over. By doing so, you can be assured that you’re truly helping someone in need.