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Car Donation Boston

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Boston Car Donations: Who to Consider

Selling a car can be a stressful process. You’ll have to make appointments, meet with people, and just wait it out. Instead of getting a few dollars for your car, a car donation could be viable option. Everybody wins in this situation since the charity can get the proceeds and the donator can feel great about helping those in need. Let’s not forget that Uncle Sam will reward you on your tax return.

If you’re on the fence and are thinking about making a car donation, listed below are a few quick tips you should know before handing over your keys.

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The Process:

To make a car donation in Boston, charities will ask for a clear title and the keys to the car. The charity can either pick up the car from your residence or even allow you to drop the car off at their location. When the car is dropped off, the charity can then either sell the car or use it for company use. Regardless of the situation, a charity is required to give you a written acknowledgement upon either the sale of the car or at the time of the drop off. Be sure to save this acknowledgement as the IRS will require it.

Tax Deductions

A car donation in Boston helps more than just a great charity. Your generous donation can often help you save a few dollars on your tax return. Taxes are always complicated, but a car donation deduction doesn’t have to be if you understand the process.

If your car is worth less than $500, you’ll only need a written acknowledgement at the time of the drop off. On your tax return, you’ll provide a fair tax value to the IRS. Nothing else will be required.

If the car is worth more than $500, the deduction will depend on two factors. The first factor is if the charity is going to sell it. If the charity decides to the sell the car, you’ll only be able to write off the final sales price. For instance, even though you thought the car was worth $3,000, you can’t use that amount if the charity sold it for $2,500. If a charity does sell a car, they are required by law to offer you a sales receipt with 30 days. Be sure to save this for your tax return.

The second factor is if the car is going to be used by the charity. Let’s say that you donate to a local food bank. They use your car for six months and deliver meals to local residents. After that six months, they decide to sell your car for $2,000. If you thought your car was worth $3,000, you may be able to write it off for that full amount since the charity used your car for a fair amount of time. As always, if you ever have questions, a qualified accountant or even the charity will be able to answer your questions in detail.

Top Charities in Boston

Humane Society: As a no-kill, nonprofit organization, the Humane Society shelters cats, dogs and other animals. They try to fight over-population and offer public veterinary care. Through your car donation, the proceeds will offer animals with food, vet care, and a safe place to sleep at night.

Lung Cancer Alliance: Lung Cancer is by far the most popular type of cancer in the United States. The Lung Cancer Alliance places a large emphasis at making lung cancer a number one priority. They offer support programs and unique education classes.

Cars for Kindness: The Cars for Kindness program reaches out to senior citizens in the community that are in need. They offer programs and help to any senior citizen regardless of their background or beliefs.

The charities noted above will pick up your car free, usually within 48 hours. If you want to make a car donation in Boston, just make sure that you always research your charity wisely. There are hundreds of charities out there now that are waiting for your call.

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Donate Car New York

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Donating a Car in New York: Things to Know

New York is filled with hundreds of charities that are waiting for your car donation. Many local New York charities often can pick your car up the next day at no charge. This can save you a lot of hassles and help a charity in need. Let’s not forget that when it comes tax time, you’ll be able to have a nice deduction.

Before you get excited and donate a car in New York, there are a few quick things that you should know:

    • Make sure that the charity is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. If the charity isn’t registered, the IRS won’t allow you to write it off.
    • Get a value for your car. If the charity doesn’t plan on selling it, the IRS will want a fair market value
    • Most charities will pick your car up for free with a tow truck. If possible, try to drive there directly to help them save the tow cost.
    • Research your charities. Know how much of the proceeds of the sale will go directly to the charity.

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If having a hard time choosing a charity, the charities noted below are reputable 501(c)(3) organizations that will tow your car away for free:

Alzheimer’s Association of New York: Leading the nation and state of New York in Alzheimer care, they provide advanced research, personal care, and support for families in need.

American Kidney Fund: The American Kidney Fund help patients, educate them, and offer preventative help. The American Kidney Fund puts patients first and is a recognized leader throughout the United States.

Children’s Cancer Fund: The mission of the Children’s Cancer Fund is simple. Their goal is to offer support to affected children and help improve the quality of their life. The majority of the donations made to this organization is sent for lab research.

For the Love of Animals: A nonprofit, all volunteer agency that helps prevent animal abuse and overpopulation. The sole purpose of this organization is to help educate the public the true responsibilities of animal ownership.

Ride for Life: Ride for Life is a nonprofit organization that help caregivers and patients living with ALS. Their mission is to help raise awareness to the public about ALS and help provide adequate support to patients in need.

The Benefits of Tax Deductions

To donate a car in New York, many leave feeling good helping organizations in need. The good feeling shouldn’t stop there though. A donator should also be aware that the IRS will reward those that donate a car with many tax benefits such as large deductions. To help you understand the process, here’s what you should know:

If your car is worth less than $500, the IRS will ask that you give them with a fair market value and written acknowledgement from the charity. If the car is worth more than $500, the final sale price of the car will be the deduction that you can receive. 99 percent of charities out there will sell your car within 30 days of receiving it. Upon the sale, they will send you a form claiming the final sales price. This is the price that you have to claim on your taxes. If the car was sold for more than the $500, you’ll have to complete the IRS Form 8283 via the Schedule A.

In the end, the biggest winner out of everything can be you. You’re going to help people in need, you’ll get a nice deduction, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of selling your car. If you want to donate a car in New York, consider a few charities noted above, or use the tips provided to pick one that suits your interests.

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San Francisco Car Donation

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Car Donation in San Francisco 101

San Francisco is packed full of charities that are ready to take your car today. If you have thought about donating a car and not selling it, you probably already know that not only will you get a nice tax deduction come tax season, but you’ll be helping out the less fortunate in your community.

To make things easier, listed below are a few reputable San Francisco car donation organizations that are currently accepting car donations:

Arc of San Francisco: Founded in 1951, the Arc of San Francisco helps provide various opportunities for people with disabilities, developmental issues and families in need. The Arc will accept all types of cars seven days a week. Fill out a form on their official website, and a representative will arrange a free towing within 24 hours.

SPCA of San Francisco: The sole mission of the SPCA is to help save and protect animals. They offer care, treatment, adoption services and even provide a public veterinarian clinic. Those that are interested in donating their car will know that the proceeds of their car sale will help those animals in need. To donate a vehicle, the SPCA asks that you have a clear title and a car that is worth more than the cost of towing. Within 24 hours of contact, the SPCA can offer next day pick-up.

San Francisco Food Bank: On a daily basis, close to 200,000 people in the San Francisco area struggle with nutrition. This means fewer meals per day and a poor diet. The San Francisco Food Bank will help those families with free and reduced meals. A donator can be assured that the sale of their car will go to people who need healthy meals in their everyday lifestyle. To donate a car to the food bank, the vehicle can be towed and auctioned off for free. When auctioned off, all they ask is that you appoint them as their beneficiary.

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What Can I Expect to Write off?

Making a San Francisco car donation does have great benefits in terms of tax deductions. The process can be rather confusing, so let’s try to clear things up.

For starters, most charities are going to sell your car after you give it to them. As long as the charity is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, the donator can legitimately claim a deduction. If the value of the car is less than $500, all the IRS will ask for is a written acknowledgment by the charity. The value of the car is then left up to the donator. Keep in mind that the value can’t exceed the $500 mark.

Now, if the car is worth more than $500, extra steps will have to be taken. You must get a sales receipt within 30 days of the sale. The true deduction of your car will be the final sales price. For example, if you think that your car is worth $2,000, but it only sells for $1,500, the car will have a final deduction of $1,500. With a sales receipt, the charity will send something known as a Form 1098-C. The IRS will require that you attach this sheet to your return.

You must complete the Schedule A of Form 8283 to claim your car donation deduction if the car is worth less than $5,000. If the car was worth more than $5,000, you’ll have to fill out section B of Form 8283. A written appraisal will also be needed.

While the tax process can be rather confusing, all charities will be able to walk you through the right steps so that you don’t miss out on any money. A San Francisco car donation is a great way to get rid of a car without any hassles while helping families and organizations in need.