1963 Pontiac Catalina

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1963 Pontiac Catalina was first introduced in 1950s. Because of its mind-blowing appearance, engine power, and very reasonable price it received immediate success. People loved this new car very much, so it had very good sales. In 1959, Pontiac introduced Catalina as a model. One of the models was “Swiss Cheese” which was produced only 14 pieces. Because of grape fruit-sized holes in the frame, the name “Swiss Cheese” was used. In fact, the manufacturer used it as a part of their technology. Prior to Pontiac, 1928 Mercedes SSK used the same technology. That Mercedes was known as “Might Mercedes”

1963 Pontiac Catalina was powered by a 420 horsepower engine, but could produce a lot more power than the real rating. Amazingly, it produced more than 500 horsepower. This 1963 Pontiac Catalina was driven by famous people like “Jim Wangers.” It also participated in many races and won most of them. The most notable victory was at the U.S. Nationals.

Catalina was lightweight. This feature gave this car a lot of advantages over other cars. This 1963 Pontiac Catalina had a facelift, nice vertical headlights, AM/FM radio and other nice features. The engine was very special—racing engines. The engines were four-bolt racing and other parts were also very good. Also, cast iron was used. Instead of automatic transmission, it had to use only manual transmission because GM could not support automatic system.

Specifications: The engine of 1963 Pontiac Catalina was located at the front side of the car. It was produced from 1959 to 1981. The price ranged from 2,730 dollars to 3,305 dollars, and the weight was 3685 lbs or 1671.488 kg.

Sales: This 1963 Pontiac Catalina had incredible sales. Total production was 590,071 pieces, though from 2004 to 2012, the sales were not good. It had great sales in 2008. According to 19 auctions, the average sale value is 43,570 dollars, the lowest is 5,600 dollars, and the highest is 450,000 dollars.

1966 Pontiac Grand Prix

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This 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix is considered one of the best models ever produced by Pontiac. Grand Prix was first released in 1962, but is still very popular among all car lovers. So, a lot of car is being produced these days. In fact, it was a trend setter. In 1967, Pontiac added Convertible Grand pix. Hidden taillight lenses and nice grille work gave this car a very stunning look. It was powered by a 325 horse power engine. Various transmission systems like three-speed manual, four-speed manual, or a Hydra-Matic transmission system were available. This 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix had a sporty interior. Customers who asked for higher power were given 425-A Trophy V8 engines attached cars. In 1963, Pontiac produced 72,959 pieces, though in 1966, the sales decreased to 36,757 pieces. In 1965, 58,881 pieces were sold. 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix was very simple to look at. The manufacturer used different headlights instead of common ones. 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix was the 2nd generation of Grand Prix car. The 3rd generation started in 1967. The 3rd generation cars were bigger in size. Hidden windshield wipers were used in the 3rd generation cars.

Specifications: The engine location of 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix was at the front side of the car. The production years ranged from 1962 to 1968. The price was 3,490 dollars with 4012 lbs or 1819.813 kg. 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix was a great car, so staggering 831,331pieces were sold, and Hardtops were sold 36,757 pieces.

Sales: According to 6 auctions, the average sale value is 15,987 dollars, the lowest is 8,470 dollars, and the highest is 30,250 dollars. As 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix, other models had very good sales as well. Pontiac GTO 37,688 pieces, Pontiac Catalina 14,195 pieces, and Pontiac Bonneville 20,345 pieces were sold. It is also clear that since 2007, the sales have been good. The best year was 2011.


1957 Pontiac Bonneville

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Convertible Chassis Num P857H25916: 1957 Pontiac Bonneville was sold for 115,000 dollars at RM Auctions. It was introduced in 1957, and believed that it was the fastest Pontiac ever produced which could accelerate up to sixty miles within 8.1 seconds. It won Grand National Championship with its incredible 101.6mph speed. Only 630 pieces were produced, so it was a very model.

Convertible Chassis Num P857H25797: This Pontiac car was expected to sell from125,000 dollars to 175,000 dollars, but finally sold at 165,600 dollars at RM Auctions in 2006. It was white with blue flash which looked really nice.

Convertible: This 1957 Pontiac Bonneville had 347 cubic-inch engine, and was powered by a 317 horsepower engine. It was also produced only 630 pieces and the company set a staggering price of 5,782 dollars.

Convertible Chassis Num P857H24652: It was also a very rare car as only 630 pieces were produced. In 2004, it was brought to sell, but remained unsold, then in 2009, it was sold at 137,500 dollars. The expected price ranged from 150,000 dollars to 180 dollars. The under the hood engine of this 1957 Pontiac Bonneville produced 315 horsepower.

Convertible Chassis Num P857H30450: The expected price of this model was from 80,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars, and was sold at 115, 5000 dollars at RM Auctions in 2009. It was also a very rare model, produced only 630 pieces. It had a 347 cubic-inch engine which could produce 315 horsepower.

Specifications: It was produced from 1954 to 1958. The price is 5,780 dollars. It weighs 4280 lbs or 1941.375 kg.

Sales: According to 26 auctions, the average sale of this Pontiac car is 136,260 dollars, the lowest is 19,800 dollars, and the highest is 242,000 dollars. From 2003, the sales have been very good for 1957 Pontiac Bonneville. Unfortunately, 2004 was not good at all, but 2008 was the best year.