1969 Mercury Cougar

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1969 Mercury Cougar is a great car indeed. The production of Mercury Cougar stated in 1967. The manufacturer kept doing the redesigns of the car. In 1969, they added convertible option. Also, they removed the massive 417 engine from 1969 Mercury Cougar. The new, larger, and wider wheelbase made the car a lot heavier than ever. The sales were good–more than 100,000 pieces. It was available in three different colors—blue, yellow, and orange. To give the customer high performance, Weber carbs and deep-sump oil pans were used. The performance really increased. Longer brakes, sportier suspension, and redesigned engine made the car really strong.

When Mercury Cougar was first produced, it was the era of muscle cars. Mercury proved itself as a very high-profile muscle car. In 1967, it achieved “Car of the year” award from famous Motor Trend. The manufacture kept redesigning the car, and they got special car like 1969 Mercury Cougar. In 1968, the sales were 40,000 pieces. Famous 427 engine could accelerate up to 60 mph within 7.1 seconds, and was capable of going ¼ of a mile within 15 seconds. 428 engine had 335 horsepower.

Specifications: It was produced from 1967 to 1970. The price of the car is from 3,000 dollars to 3,575 dollars. It weights 3375 lbs or 1530.874 kg. It has three manual transmission systems.

Sales: Analyzing 45 auctions, we can understand that the average sale value of 1969 Mercury Cougar is 31,677 dollars, the lowest sale value is 2596 dollars, and the highest is 121,000 dollars. Also, we can understand that 2005 was the worst year when it comes to the sales of this car. But luckily, it improved and the sales have been good since 2006. In fact, 2010, 2011, and 2012 were the best year in terms of the sales of 1969 Mercury Cougar.