1959 Jaguar XK150

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Roadster: This model is believed to be the most elegant Jaguars Sport Car. It was produced only 190 pieces from 1958 to 1961. Only 72 cars had automatic transmissions system. It is powered by a 210 horse power engine, and supports four wheel disc brakes. It was the first car built with this feature.

Roadster Chassis Num VS17159: It was produced in1957. This model had Dunlop disc brakes installed. When it comes to performance, both XK150 and XK140 are the same. It was expected to sell at 140000-180000 dollars, but finally sold at 154000 dollars. Only 2265 pieces were made.

Roadster Chassis Num: T831505DN, Engine Num VS1469-9: It was sold at 135000 dollars. The odometer of this car reads 39000 miles, and last nine years it passed only 2000 miles. It scored 96+ and capable of accelerating up to 136 mph. You can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles within 7.3 seconds.

Roadster Chassis Num T831686DN: It was first produced in 1957 to compete against BMW 507 and Mercedes 300SL. It is believed that it was the best XK ever produced. Only 1466 pieces were produced until 1961. In 2009, it was brought to sell at RM auctions, but remained unsold. Then, in 2010, it was sold at 121000 dollars.

Coupe Chassis Num T835997DN, Engine Num VS1731-9: This model was produced fewer than 200 pieces. It is believed that it competed in several local competitions. In 2010, it was brought to an auction, but not sold. The expected price was 115000-145000 dollars.

Specifications: 1959 Jaguar XK150 was produced from 1957-61. Its weight is 3060 lbs or 1387.993 kg. It can accelerate up to 60 mph within 7 seconds and capable of reaching up to135 mph or 217.215 km/h.

Sales: According to 60 auctions, the average sales value of 1959 Jaguar XK150 is 88351 dollars, lowest is 9632 dollars, and the highest is 325911 dollars. 1959 Jaguar XK150 was sold well in 2011, though since 2004 the sales have been fine.

1962 Jaguar E-Type XKE

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Roadster Chassis Num 877361: It has a very nice interior. It is originally from Texas and Arizona, and is powered by a 265 horsepower engine. In 2012, it was brought at RM Auction with an estimated price from 115000 dollars to 125000 dollars, but unfortunately it was not sold.

Roadster Chassis Num 8755618, Engine Num R1878-9: It was brought at 2006 Worldwide Group Auction, but finally remained unsold. The estimated price was from 90000 dollars to 100000 dollars. It passed 40000 miles so far.

Roadster Chassis Num j62 876351, Engine Num: R 2973-9: The estimated price of this beautiful car was from 110000 dollars to 130000 dollars, and was sold at 143000 dollars which mean it passed the expectation of the experts. It is powered by a 265 horsepower engine. It passed less than 500 miles after the restoration. Unlike most of the 1962 Jaguar E-Type XKE cars, this car is featured in many books including Standard Guide to British Sports Car.

Roadster Chassis Num 876963, Engine Num: R4728-9: This car was sold at 68750 dollars in 2011. Amazingly, it passed only 50 miles after the restoration.

Coupe: This is a very special car because it is original. Only color of this car has been restored.

Roadster: It achieved full 100 points when it was judged by the Jaguar Club of North American Judging. In fact, it became the champion of Jaguar Club of North America two years in a row.

Roadster Chassis Num 877799: This car participated in the famous SCCA competition. It was restored by David Ferguson.

Coupe: This car was first produced in 1961, and was produced until 1974. It is a right-hand drive.

Specification: 1962 Jaguar E-Type XKE was produced from 1961 to 1968. Its price ranges from 5599 dollars – 5890 dollars. It weighs 2465 lbs or 1118.105 kg, and capable of accelerating up to 241.35 km/h.

Sales: Average sale value of 1962 Jaguar E-Type XKE is 70566 dollars, lowest is 15700 dollars, and the highest is 163505 dollars. We see very steady sales value from 2004 to 2012.