1941 BMW 328

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Millie Miglia, Coachwork Touring: Earlier Europe’s toughest race was considered 100-mile Mille Miglia race. Many BMWs were made only to win that race. It was powered by a 135 horse power engine. As the body was aluminum based, it was superfast. In fact, the theory of aerodynamics was applied on that model. It was supposed to race in 1941, but due to World War II finally it was cancelled. Then, in 2002, BMW commemorated its 75th anniversary.

In 1936, another model was produced. It was Type 328, and was powered by an 80 horsepower engine. The engine was located in the front part of the car, and the power was supplied to the rear wheels. It was also an example of lightweight body. Unlike the above model, it used lightweight alloy which provided better performance. Jaguar made similar car to BMW Type 328 called XK-120.  Also, in 1936, 326 model was produced. Unlike 315 model, it had 55 horsepower. So, it provided better performance than the 315 model. Then BMW 327 was produced.

BMW 328: It included an 80 horsepower engine. Also, it had drum brakes in front and rear panel. Prior to World War, this model was produced. It was lightweight and fast. It also had several configurations like roadster and cabriolets.

Then in 1940, Mille Miglia was produced to compete in the race. Amazingly, BMW clinched the title of the race including 3rd, 5th, and 6th positions. The body of this car was also great. You see, how great this model was.

Specifications: The engine of this 1941 BMW 328 car was in the front part. The body was Aluminum based as mentioned above. It was produced from 1936 to 1941. The coachwork of 1941 BMW 328 was done in Touring. It weighs 1543 lbs or 699.893 kg. Only 450 pieces of 1941 BMW 328 model was produced from 1936 to 1941.

Sales: The average sale value of 1939 BMW 328 is 357,500 dollars, 1938 BMW 328 averages 507,562 dollars, and 1937 BMW 328 averages 495,500 dollars.