1970 Ford Torino

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The power was transferred to rear wheels of 1970 Ford Torino. Also, “Shaker” hood scoop helped the engine increase performance. Later, Brougham version included more facilities which gave it a sporty look and comfortable feeling.

Six Series Sedan, Chassis Num OH37N100017: This 1970 Ford Torino has blue exterior and white interior. It was brought at Worldwide Group Auction for sale, but remained unsold. It is powered by a 429 cubic-inch engine which is capable of producing 360 horsepower. It was produced in 1969.

GT Cobra FastBack Coupe: This 1970 Ford Torino has bright yellow exterior and Black interior. Its mileage is low. When found, it showed only 22,000 miles, but needed complete restoration which took two years. When the restoration is done, it traveled 1,000 miles. This car is powered by a Cobra jet Air engine.

Specifications: It was produced from 1968 to 1970. The price of this car ranges from 2,687 dollars to 3,378 dollars. It weighs 3,156 lbs or 1431.538 kg. Total production of Ford is 2,096,184 pieces. No doubt, it is a great figure. This shows how popular Ford is. The productions of other models are also good. For example, V8 HardTop Coupes has been produced 49,826 pieces, GT FastBack Coupes has been produced 56,819 pieces, and Six Series Sedans has been produced 30,117 pieces. This large volume of different models proved the popularity and supremacy of Ford.

Sales: According to 57 auctions, average sales value of 1970 Ford Torino is 31,912 dollars, the lowest is 4,100 dollars, and the highest is 165,000 dollars. We also notice that 2004 was not a good year for 1970 Ford Torino, but fortunately, the sales increased since 2005, and it has been fine up to today. 2007 was the best year for this car. It seems it will get a lot of sales in the near future.


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