1969 Ford Mustang GT500

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1969 Ford Mustang GT500 is one of the best cars ever produced by Ford. In fact, it is a joint venture of both Shelby and Ford, though the relationship did not last very long. The birth of Mustang was in New York World’s Fair. It was so good that it got attention from the car lovers immediately. It was very compact, tight, not so big & heavy. Maybe this is the reason people loved Mustang. Before this model, car manufacturers were increasing the size without thinking a lot. But Mustang shook all of them. Believe it or not, Mustang was featured in world famous magazines like Times and News week. In fact, mustang was the cover page! So, it is very clear that Mustang was a blockbuster since its birth. On the first day more than 22,000 pieces were ordered. And it increased to 418,000 pieces within one year. It broke all records, and created a new benchmark for the first year sale of a new car. It was powered by three V8 engines, capable of accelerating 271 horsepower.

The manufacturer was doing redesigns ceaselessly until 1973. It added fox body in 1979, and it continued until 1993. 1969 Ford Mustang GT500 was larger and heavier. Famous “the Boss-302” was also produced in 1969. Boss-429 is considered one of the rare mustangs ever produced; only 857 pieces were made. Unfortunately, no 1969 Ford Mustang GT500 was produced in 1970.

Specifications: It was produced from 1964 to 1973 and weighs 3440 lbs or 1560. 358 kg. Total production of 1969 Ford Mustang GT500 is 3,150 pieces, Mustang is 2,212,415 pieces, Convertibles is 335 pieces, and Coupes is 2,815 pieces.

Sales: According to 74 auctions, average value is 113, 5212 dollars, the lowest is 33,550 dollars, and the highest is 742,500 dollars. Since 2004, the sales have been moderate. 2008 was the best year for this car.


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