1964 Lincoln Continental

1964 Lincoln Continental is a very special car. The name Continental has a history. It was inspired by 1940’s Lincoln Continental 12-cylinder engine. So, this model is a special model. It represents ambiance and prestige. Also, some mechanical parts were the courtesy of Lincoln. Drive train was one of them.

 Convertible: This 1964 Lincoln Continental had high-quality finishing, and because of the size it was easy to drive. The theme design remained almost the same as 1961; only few minor changes were made. Luggage space increased 15%. This 1964 Lincoln Continental was available in 18 different colors. It had 430 cubic-inch engine which could supply 320 horsepower. One of the most astonishing features of this car was “suicide style” rear doors. In fact, this four-door system was very uncommon which was seen last in 1941.

Town Brougham: This model was built in 1961 for White House, but got rejected. It was small with 221.3 inches. Unlike many cars, it had no side windows, glove box, waster reservoir, etc.

Sedan: This 1964 Lincoln Continental is an original car. It only traveled 1,019 miles. In 2005, the third/current owner of this special car did some maintenance of this car as it contained dust of 41 long years. Then, he got authentic pristine and Lipstick Red look.

Prototype Limousine, Chassis Num 4Y82N406266: This model was sold at staggering 243,500 dollars in 2011. It was produced in 1965. For security, the manufacturer added handrails. This car was used by the astronauts of Apollo 8, 11, 13, and 15 when they were back in the planet Earth.

Specifications: It was produced from 1961 to 1969. The price ranged from 6,290 to 6,935 dollars. It weighs 5,050 lbs or 2,290.641 kg with 100 mph or 160.9 km/h maximum speed.

Sales: According to 35 auctions, average sale value of 1964 Lincoln Continental is 32,544 dollars, the lowest is 110 dollars, and the highest is 319,000 dollars.

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