1962 Cadillac DeVille

Cadillac DeVille was first produced in 1949. It was a very luxurious car. It was so popular that the production continued until 2005. Then, it was replaced by DeVille touring Sedan. DeVille name was chosen because of the body styling. DeVille means Town. It is a French word.

1956: In 1956, a 4-door hardtop was added to Sedan de Ville model.

The designs kept changing. The fourth generation of Cadillac car started in 1965. The new look was very sharp. New headlights replaced the old tailfins, and in 1960, 472 cu inch engine was added.

1968: The designs of Cadillac kept improving. A V8 engine with 375 horsepower was added.

1971: From 1971 to 1976 the fifth generation cars were released. The engine remained the same 472 cu inch.

1974: This model had airbags, very important for security while driving. Also, “d, Elegance” package was added. This nice package was available until 1984. Customers did love this package.

1975: The front end of the car was redesigned. Also, the new 500 V8 engine with 210 horsepower was added.

1977: This year was the 75th anniversary of 1962 Cadillac DeVille. Also, the sixth generation started this year. The sixth generation cars were one foot shorter and half ton lighter than the previous cars.

1985: Seventh generation released.

1989: Eight generation released.

1994: Ninth generation released.

2000-2005: Tenth generation started, and LED tail lamps were added.

Specifications: This 1962 Cadillac DeVille was produced from 1959 to 1964. The price ranged from 5,390 dollars to 6,605 dollars. The weight of 1962 Cadillac DeVille was 4,674 lbs or 2120.091 kg. Cadillac was a great model, so 1962 Cadillac DeVille was sold 160,840 pieces.

Sales: According to 13 auctions, the average sale value of 1962 Cadillac DeVille is 8,864 dollars, the lowest is 3,750 dollars, and the highest is 18,638 dollars.

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