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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle: How To Bring This Classic American Muscle Car Back To Life?

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Aside from the overall design of a car, there are two other things that would make it more attractive—price and age. Luxury cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis are accessible to rich and influential people basically because they are very expensive. But for car lovers who know exactly how to make cars more valuable, age does matter a lot. This is where 67 Chevelle, a classic American muscle car, enters the scene.

Just a backgrounder, Chevelle models were produced by Chevrolet division of General Motors. Chevelle was actually intended to compete with then popular Ford Fairlane. Chevrolet started production of these models in 1964 through 1977 and 67 Chevelle was actually the last model of the first generation of Chevelles. It was also among the first models to enter the muscle car market and Chevrolet wasn’t mistaken in building these cars because they became extremely popular even in the 80s. Today, car lovers are into modifying their 67 Chevelles to make them stand out as American muscle cars even in the world where speed matters so much.

More than half a century after it was first released, you can still see many 67 Chevelles in the streets of America and there is one explanation to that; Chevrolet had to produce cars of great quality from 1964 to be able to compete in the market that even today, as long as the cars are well-treated by their owners, they will still be running perfectly perhaps with few dents and rusty bodies. But this is where 67 Chevelle restoration or modification enters. If you have one that has been sleeping in your garage for years, perhaps it’s time you should take a look and decide to restore it to its perfect state.

To get you started on this, you would probably need a few thousand dollars especially if you’re letting someone do the job for you. If you already have this car, then all you have to do is inspect it and list down parts that need replacement and polishing. However, if you are yet to buy one, then you need to do a little window shopping in the garages of the people who might want to sell a model like it. You would also need to list down parts that are unusable and estimate the amount of time needed to make it look like brand new.

Finding a classic muscle car like 67 Chevelle is a lot more difficult than you expect. You need the help of your friends who might know someone selling a unit. You can also check the classified section of your morning paper, ads on TV or even search online for it–eBay’s motor section might be able to help you find your ideal car. In the same section, you will also be able to find spare parts you could use to replace the old ones but then you should first know the parts of the specific model. You can also try local auto stores or shops for the spare parts. If you couldn’t find one from these places, try to consult mechanics that know more about 67 Chevelle and ask if there are replacement spare parts available in the market today.

More often, the parts that are often subject for replacement are the ones that are prone to developing rust, can easily be worn out, and electrical lines. As long as the engine has oil inside and hasn’t been left open for oxidation, it would be fine. There may be a need for minor overhaul but that’s it.

The most common part of the car that can easily develop rust is the body, the trunk and other coverings. This is not a big problem, though, as any shop with complete equipment can easily fabricate external features of the car. The real issue enters when you need to replace a part but no spare is available for you to use. Fortunately, 67 Chevelle’s parts especially the transmission is extremely durable so there is a lower percentage you have something to change in the engine.

67 Chevelle restoration may cost a few thousand bucks for labor and spare parts. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to skip an expensive paint job; most of the times a good paint job alone is worth between $5,000 and $10,000. So, you need to focus your mind to making your car retain its original state and basically bringing back 67 Chevelle back to life.

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Buying Car With Bad Credit

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If you’re considering purchasing a car but find yourself with subpar credit history, here are some tips for buying a car with bad credit that may help you through the arduous process.

Employment Check

The credit check process will begin with you providing proof of employment.  If you can show a consistent stream of income over a long period of time, that will work in your favor.  Typically, a lender will require you to show your three month pay stubs to prove that you have a job and that your salary is at an acceptable level.  But what you can do is offer to show your pay stubs for the past 24 months and show them that you have a steady job.

Payment History

Showing the lender your consistent payment history will help enormously.  Let’s say you got in trouble with your credit by making a bad real estate decision at the peak of the market and ultimately you had your house foreclosed.  That will certainly leave a negative mark on your credit history.  But show the lender that you’re willing to make your payments on time when you are capable of doing so.  Maybe you missed 3 mortgage payments that were over over $3,000 a month, and you simply could not keep up with the mortgage payments and you had to let the house go, but you chose to make all your other payments on time that you could afford even though you had to struggle through it.  Show them that your credit card bill in the past 24 months have all been paid on time.  And there has been no delinquent bills for your electricity, child care, etc.

Credit Metrics

The two metrics that your lender will punch into their system will be your FICO score and debt to income ratio (DTI). If you had a subpar credit history, your FICO score likely wouldn’t show well.  But you can try to keep your DTI lower by paying down your other debts.  Or even better, if you are not holding onto other debts, you can show the lender your monthly expenses compared to your income.  Show them that you can afford this new car.

There are hard money auto lenders that will work with people that have experienced hardships.  They may charge a higher interest rate on the loan and maybe even require access to automatically withdraw the monthly payments from your bank account.  If you are comfortable with all that, then you should be able to get a car and move on with your day to day tasks.

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Car Donation Boston

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Boston Car Donations: Who to Consider

Selling a car can be a stressful process. You’ll have to make appointments, meet with people, and just wait it out. Instead of getting a few dollars for your car, a car donation could be viable option. Everybody wins in this situation since the charity can get the proceeds and the donator can feel great about helping those in need. Let’s not forget that Uncle Sam will reward you on your tax return.

If you’re on the fence and are thinking about making a car donation, listed below are a few quick tips you should know before handing over your keys.

donate car

The Process:

To make a car donation in Boston, charities will ask for a clear title and the keys to the car. The charity can either pick up the car from your residence or even allow you to drop the car off at their location. When the car is dropped off, the charity can then either sell the car or use it for company use. Regardless of the situation, a charity is required to give you a written acknowledgement upon either the sale of the car or at the time of the drop off. Be sure to save this acknowledgement as the IRS will require it.

Tax Deductions

A car donation in Boston helps more than just a great charity. Your generous donation can often help you save a few dollars on your tax return. Taxes are always complicated, but a car donation deduction doesn’t have to be if you understand the process.

If your car is worth less than $500, you’ll only need a written acknowledgement at the time of the drop off. On your tax return, you’ll provide a fair tax value to the IRS. Nothing else will be required.

If the car is worth more than $500, the deduction will depend on two factors. The first factor is if the charity is going to sell it. If the charity decides to the sell the car, you’ll only be able to write off the final sales price. For instance, even though you thought the car was worth $3,000, you can’t use that amount if the charity sold it for $2,500. If a charity does sell a car, they are required by law to offer you a sales receipt with 30 days. Be sure to save this for your tax return.

The second factor is if the car is going to be used by the charity. Let’s say that you donate to a local food bank. They use your car for six months and deliver meals to local residents. After that six months, they decide to sell your car for $2,000. If you thought your car was worth $3,000, you may be able to write it off for that full amount since the charity used your car for a fair amount of time. As always, if you ever have questions, a qualified accountant or even the charity will be able to answer your questions in detail.

Top Charities in Boston

Humane Society: As a no-kill, nonprofit organization, the Humane Society shelters cats, dogs and other animals. They try to fight over-population and offer public veterinary care. Through your car donation, the proceeds will offer animals with food, vet care, and a safe place to sleep at night.

Lung Cancer Alliance: Lung Cancer is by far the most popular type of cancer in the United States. The Lung Cancer Alliance places a large emphasis at making lung cancer a number one priority. They offer support programs and unique education classes.

Cars for Kindness: The Cars for Kindness program reaches out to senior citizens in the community that are in need. They offer programs and help to any senior citizen regardless of their background or beliefs.

The charities noted above will pick up your car free, usually within 48 hours. If you want to make a car donation in Boston, just make sure that you always research your charity wisely. There are hundreds of charities out there now that are waiting for your call.