1965 Shelby Cobra 289

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 6057: 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 is a great car to collect. It is powered by one Ford 289 V-8 engine. There are two types of engines in terms of horsepower. For the street version, the power is 271 horsepower with 135 mph maximum speed and the track version is powered by one 325 horsepower engine with maximum speed of 150mph. It can accelerate up to 100 mph within 10.6 seconds. From 1963 to 65 it acquired 42 international records in the world GT championship in 1965. 579 Shelby-AC Cobra 289 cars were assembled in the U.S. and 15 cars were manufactured in Britain.

CSX 2587: The last owner of this car is James Fillback. He bought it on 2001. Before him, Quinton Dobbs was the owner. Amazingly, there is a street named after Dobbs.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 2540: This model was used in a famous TV program called “Honey West TV Detective Series” featured Anne Francis.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 2610: It is the last 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 made by the famous Surrey factory. It is powered by a Weber-carburetor 289 Ford engine. It provides you with four speed transmission.

Roadster: This is one of the best Cobra cars. It looks very elegant even with its simple design. It is lightweight and lightning fast. It is special because only 654 pieces were manufactured.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX-2494: Only several pieces were manufactured by Shelby for race.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX-2452: 500 pieces were manufactured.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 2254: This car was featured in two films titled “Viva Las Vegas” and “The Killers”

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 2522: It was known as “Slalom Snake”

CSX 2387: The original exterior was bright blue and the interior was red.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 2513: Only six cars were manufactured for racing.

Roadster Chassis Num: CSX 2537: It was manufactured for SCAA racing.

Specification: Its engine is located at the front part of the car. It is a rear wheel type car, and weighs 952.544 kg. You can accelerate up to 60mph within 10.6 seconds and you will get maximum speed of 217.215km/h. The most appealing stat is that 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 has been produced 2, 170795 pieces!

Sales: According to 32 auctions, average sale value: $242,557, lowest sale value: $25,300, and the highest sale value: $909,275. Also, it is obvious that the sale value increased from 2006 and it is still increasing.

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